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In this position you will be working with a team of applied scientists and engineers. In this team you will be responsible for:

  • All stages of the search engine including offline page storing, analysis, indexing, online querying, reranking and sorting;
  • Designing, development, testing, deploying maintaining and debugging software programs for the key stages of the search sub-systems;
  • Creating and implementing new or use existing traditional and deep learning algorithms, to solve applied problems in search engine, such as machine translating, text classification, NLU , etc.
  • Working together to break through major algorithmic issues;
  • Customizing universal search features to local language and applications;
  • Designing and localizing universal search engine, such as multi-language recognition, adapt to local applications and POI.

We are looking for a motivated candidate who is punctual, has an eye for detail, thinks in solutions, not problems and wants to work in an international team. Furthermore you need to have:

  • A technical BSc/ MSc degree, preferably in the field of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Machine learning related subjects;
  • Knowledge and/ or experience in designing, developing and shipping software;
  • Knowledge and/or experience with coding abilities in C, C++, Java and Python;
  • Skills in programming and algorithm design and real passion for search engine;
  • A positive advantage is some expertise in areas of large scale search systems (distributed database internals, performance optimization, data warehousing and integration, query optimization, indexing, memory management, distributed file systems, etc.);
  • A positive, flexible and open approach to working in a team.
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Select Projects is an organization specialized in consultancy, project sourcing and recruitment of technical professionals for industries as Rail, Food & Pharma and Bouw & Infra. We support organizations which are active in engineering and maintenance management.

For a new Search team we are looking for Data Scientists. This team will leverage an infrastructure to build a Cloud Search product that allow mobile phone users to search over all their queries with advance user experiences, such as intention recognition. This advance user experience will be accomplished through utilizing advanced technologies to ensure knowledge data discovery and extraction, create intelligent experience, and design a robust data storing, indexing and querying architecture.


As Data Scientist you will be part of a motivated international team of Scientist and Engineers that is looking forward to meeting you and working together. For this position you will receive a competitive monthly salary; based on your education, experience and expertise. You can enjoy great secondary benefits (ex. free Public Transport in The Netherlands). You will have all the chances you want to develop yourself as a person and as a professional, because of an unlimited range of trainings and courses.

Because this is a new project group; a lot of the structure, goals and work methods are still being set up. So your input is definitely required in helping the company grow. For engineers from outside the country we will provide practical support wherever we can, for your move to The Netherlands.

For more information:

If this is the job for you or you want to know more, feel free to contact us: Call: +31 (0)10 2687110 and ask for Dennis Trapman or send me your CV to : .

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