Article Made in West-Vlaanderen: Select HR reveals trends in outplacement assistance

Published on: 13 June 2017
Select HR is a Belgian HR player and a specialist in burn-out and outplacement, and claims to share an important objective with the trade unions. That being to assist and support individuals in their professional career. This is why Select HR recently organised a round-table discussion with the trade unions in West Flanders. The purpose was to highlight trends and the right approach in the case of burn-out and outplacement assistance. After sharing their experiences, everybody agreed that companies are well-aware of the risk of stress at work and the role that companies can play.

Both partners agreed that the intention has to be one of prevention rather than cure. If this is to be achieved then detailed and specific plans are required. “The key is to catch the problem early on”, confirms Sylvie De Strooper as an expert, on behalf of Select HR. “How should we recognise the signals of an employee suffering from too much stress? How can we prevent things from getting worse? And should we reintegrate such employees? Companies really benefit from a specialised partner to guide them through this process. This is the only way to deal with the problem in a structured manner and over the long term.”

Meanwhile, companies realise that what happens at work has a significant effect on their staff. HR departments will be reinventing the organisation from the inside out. “Select HR, as a full provider, is ready to support them in developing a sustainable HR policy”, adds Sylvie De Strooper. “With our extensive experience in HR consultancy, recruitment and selection and project sourcing, we are in a strong position to be able to offer a global view. Companies sometimes lose this ability, being so focused on their day-to-day activities.”

Some important conclusions were also reached on the matter of outplacement. Everybody agreed on the importance of an individual approach, as opposed to collective action. “After all, redundancy often involves considerable stress”, explains Sylvie De Strooper. “Stress is often the reason for the redundancy. However, if that is not the case, then it certainly adds a far greater strain. That is why it is of fundamental importance to consider the individual in cases of outplacement assistance. Consideration of each person’s specific needs. In cases of collective treatment there is simply no time for this. Furthermore, the age range often varies considerably in a group of employees involved in collective outplacement assistance. That also means that there are various levels of experience and different work perspectives in the group. This means that it needs to be possible for each person to receive a very different focus.”