HR full-service provider

passionate about people and with quality first and foremost

As a specialized generalist Select provides expertise on all HR fronts. Our consultants are experts in different professions from recruitment to outplacement. What do they have in common? A passion for HR work and for the people in your company.

Organic growth since 1987

Select's tale begins in 1987 when Select Interim was founded in Brussels. In 2004, CEO Bart Gonnissen acquired the company and, in 2005, Interim was changed to Human Resources. A reorientation also began with the name change. Select continued to provide temporary workers, but broadened its focus. Firts, towards selection and recruitment in the broadest sense. Then, more and more towards HR issues, such as career guidance and outplacement. The organic and strategically efficient growth of Select means that companies can today count on hundreds of experts who are passionate about HR and people. These experts are distributed across some twenty offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Middle East. 

Select through the years

Specialized generalist

Select does not go after as many resumes as possible. We select the best candidates and only present you with the very best of these. Quality outweighs quantity thanks to in-depth screening and a focus on the people in your company. This is why you will not find a Select office on every corner. We carry out extensive in-depth work and really take the time to do it right. It is only because we take great care in our work that we can build on long-term relationships with your customers and candidates. our consultants' expertise allows us to call ourselves a specialized generalist and maintain our central position in the market. 

Focus on people thanks to the people at Select

Select was able to grow primarily because of our staff. Each and every one of them is unique. Nonetheless, our consultants all share the same passion for HR and people. They provide high-quality services based on their personal approach. And this goes beyond recruiting staff - they also provide other services, such as coaching courses and career guidance. Our consultants' discretion and experience are highly regarded. We can always provide high-quality services thanks to a wide network of sincere and passionate experts and a smooth collaboration. Select - Quality is performance by Genuine people.