Our partners

Select believes in the good in people. This is why we take a people-first approach with our services, coaching, and recruiting. This philosophy is rooted in the DNA of our partners. That’s why we are a permanent partner of charities like Mercy Ships and UNICEF. But we also work with Start To Play Music and Casco Phil.
UNICEF is an organisation that stands up for children’s rights. One of their main pillars is education for children. When children are educated, they can grow professionally. Just like UNICEF, we believe in the good in people.
Mercy Ships
Mercy Ships uses a ship to provide medical care in developing countries. They too put the human first. Select supports their work financially as well as by trying to increase their exposure.
Casco Phil
Casco Phil and Start To Play Music focus on creating more musical opportunities. When a company joins an orchestra together, that collaboration can quickly lead to beautiful things. In addition, making music has a positive effect on stress reduction.