Applying at Select

How does it work?

1. Are you applying via our website today? Your application will be sent to our expert.

2. Our expert does everything possible to reply in person within the working day. Then, or shortly afterwards, you will hear whether we would like to speak to you in person. A first getting acquainted session can often be conducted by telephone.

3. Subsequent rounds:

Both Select , as well as the majority of our clients will conduct all application interviews online or by phone during the crisis surrounding the Coronavirus. That way we can guarantee a smooth application procedure as well as your and our safety.

  • Every client and every candidate can count on advice and a customised approach. We will discuss the number of interviews, tests and the time necessary for you and this position during the getting acquainted session.
  • We conduct specific tests to determine whether your competences and profile and requests from your potential employer all match up. We will naturally go over the results of these tests with you. You are sure to gain valuable baggage for your subsequent career.
  • In this phase we also send your CV and any test results to your potential employer. However, we only do this after discussing it with you. During this phase we also check any references that you provided. Again, we discuss this with you beforehand.
  • Of course, we handle the data that you provided with extreme care. Would you like to know more about how your data is handled? You can find more information about this in our privacy policy.

4. Proposal: Was there a mutual click? If so we will be pleased to prepare a tailored proposal together with our client.

5. Welcome! You can be sure of a warm welcome with our client, after signing your contract of course.

6. You can continue to count on Select even after you start. Is the onboarding going as planned? Are you happy with the new start? We are keen to know and are there to offer advice whenever necessary.

You can find out what happens to your data during the application process or coaching in our working method.