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Job description The current signalling systems needs a software upgrade. These new requirements will impact existing use cases and therefore other subsystems will be affected as well. The challenge in this project is to coordinate the different countries involved.

You will be responsible for:
  • The organization of the engineering activities in a project according to established Quality / Cost / Delivery (QCD) agreements;
  • The complete verification & validation of a project solution. The activity is aimed at making the customer requirements demonstrable and managing the project solution;
  • Leading the technical contractual scope of the project;
  • Assigning work packages to the project engineering team and following up and planning of the engineering activities;
  • The distribution and management of all technical documents to the project core team members for industrialization, sourcing, installation, testing and commissioning.
Profile For this position we are looking for an organizer who feels comfortable within an engineering environment. We don’t need you to fix technical issues, we need you to be the facilitator so other people can.
  • A technical / IT bachelors or masters degree (HTS TBK/E or Computer science)
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in comparable position;
  • Experience with project management;
  • Experience with working with multifunctional teams;
  • Knowledge of Configuration management;
  • You speak English fluently, Dutch is preferred.
Organisation and department description We are looking for a Project Engineering Manager.
Are you experienced in the field of engineering and it? Activities are conducted as engineering, testing and commissioning, maintenance and project management. As a Project engineering manager you will coordinate, review and make sure that everybody can travel safe.Offer As Project engineering manager you will be part of an innovative team of Project Engineers that is looking forward to meeting you and working together. For this position you will receive a competitive monthly salary; based on your education, experience and expertise. You can enjoy great secondary benefits (ex. free Public Transport in The Netherlands). You will have all the chances you want to develop yourself as a person and as a professional, because of an unlimited range of trainings and courses.
Any questions?
Stefan van der Waal Senior Consultant Rotterdam +31 (0)10 268 71 10
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