Select Projects

Team Select Projects:
  • is people-oriented
  • brings out the best in each other
  • encourages open communication
  • has a personal approach
  • thinks along with clients and project staff

Select Projects is an affiliate of Select, which supports companies with projects in life sciences, energy, chemistry, petrochemistry and construction. They do this via project sourcing, a type of contract for project-based work that is mainly used for technical positions. Divided into dedicated business units, nine consultants ensure that your project will be a success.

‘Sharing is caring’ within our team. We are all technical experts but we love sharing our knowledge with each other. Open communication is of primordial importance to us, also towards clients and project staff. They can approach us with all their questions. Together with our personal approach, this ensures that project staff opt for a long-term relationship.

Rietschotten 1
4751 XN Oud Gastel
0031 165 799 510
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